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Most oils in The Witcher 2 last only 5 minutes. The only exception is Falka's Blood, which lasts but 3 minutes. Στο παιχνίδι για υπολογιστή The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, oils are lumped in with other blade enhancements.


As of version 1.2, oils only work on steel swords.

Εικόνα Όνομα Συστατικά Δράση
Necrophage oil Necrophage oil 4Hydragenum Sol Vitriol Quebrith Increases damage to necrophages.
Hanged man's venom Hanged man's venom 4Caelum Sol Vitriol Quebrith Increases damage to humanoids.
Specter oil Specter oil 4Rebis Hydragenum Aether Caelum Increases damage to wraiths.
Brown oil Brown oil 4Rebis Hydragenum Vermilion Caelum Increases chance of causing critical effect: bleeding
Falka's Blood Falka's Blood 4Vitriol Vermilion Caelum Quebrith Increases maximum sword damage.
Whirl Whirl 4Vitriol Aether Rebis Caelum Increases sword damage.
Arachnid oil Arachnid oil 4Rebis Quebrith Hydragenum Vermilion Increases chance of causing critical effect: poisoning
Insectoid oil Insectoid oil 2Hydragenum Rebis Increases damage to insectoids.