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Merchants in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings can either be specialists or generalists, and some also offer crafting services.


  • Dragan

Πρόλογος Πρόλογος[]

  • None

Κεφάλαιο I Κεφάλαιο I[]

  • Anezka in Lobinden
  • Berthold Candeleria at the dwarven smithy in the non-human district of Flotsam
  • Cedric in Lobinden
  • Einar Gausel in Flotsam
  • Fioravanti in the main square in Flotsam
  • at the Flotsam inn
    • Marty Beaver, the upstairs innkeeper
    • Lyudmila, the upstairs waitress
    • Dyson Beaver, the downstairs innkeeper
    • Sunshine, the downstairs waitress
  • Sendler in Lobinden
  • Vilmos Bartok, in the first building past the gate east of the Flotsam inn.
  • Mysterious merchant, near the harbor in Flotsam

Κεφάλαιο II Κεφάλαιο II[]

Iorveth's path

  • Earso
  • Felicia Cori, in Rhundurin Square
  • Haggard, next to the blacksmith in the northeast section of Vergen
  • Mael, in Rhundurin Square
  • Mottle, depending on a choice made during the quest "The Floating Prison"
  • Thorak

Roche's path

  • Isidor Kay, standing outside the tent northeast of Lasota's in the Kaedweni camp.
  • Lasota
  • Myron
  • Raymond Gessler at the camp followers' encampment, just food items
  • Relic peddler inside the Kaedweni camp canteen.
  • Sambor at the camp followers' encampment.

Available on either path:

Κεφάλαιο III Κεφάλαιο III[]

  • Bras της Ban Ard in Loc Muinne
  • Britta, near the gathering of sorceresses outside the amphitheatre
  • Dalum, inside the ruined building used as an inn southwest of the notice board in Loc Muinne
  • Earso
  • Falas
  • Felicia Cori
  • Ilona
  • The Incredible Lockhart
  • Marcus
  • Polycarp της Rinde
  • Two randomly named women outside the Loc Muinne amphitheatre



Κεφάλαιο I[]

Κεφάλαιο II[]

Κεφάλαιο III[]