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This page is a finding aid which lists all quests in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings first by Chapter, and then alphabetically. Each quest will only appear in the Chapter where it originally appeared, even if the quest persists through more than one Chapter. To see a quest walkthrough, click on the quest name.

Πρόλογος‎ Κεφάλαιο I‎ Κεφάλαιο I‎I Κεφάλαιο I‎II

Πρόλογος‎ Πρόλογος‎[]

Quest Location Source Quests / Conditions Required to Unlock
Assassins of Kings The Assassins of Kings various Automatically
At the Fore La Valette Castle Complete Barricade
Barricade La Valette Castle Foltest Complete By the King's Will
Blood of His Blood Solar Complete Trial by Fire and To the Temple!
By the King's Will Camp unnamed guard After being summoned from Triss' tent by the guard and locating the King
Dungeons of the La Valettes The Dungeons of the La Valettes Dungeon Automatically
Melitele's Heart Camp Crinfrid Reavers Speak to Newboy
Returning Memories various Automatically
To the Temple! La Valette Castle Complete Trial by Fire
Trial by Fire La Valette Castle Complete At the Fore
Woe to the Vanquished La Valette Castle Helping the peasants being attacked by the Temerian guards inside the castle walls

Κεφάλαιο I‎ Κεφάλαιο I‎ Top of page[]

Quest Location Source Quests / Conditions Required to Unlock
Rough Landing A Rough Landing Flotsam forests Automatically
By the Gods - Stringing Up Sods Flotsam Automatically
Indecent Proposal Flotsam Bernard Loredo
Rose of Remembrance The Rose of Remembrance Flotsam Triss After The Kayran is killed (reward taken) and going to the Prison barge with Triss.
Kayran The Kayran Flotsam / Kayran's lair Automatically after completing By the Gods - Stringing Up Sods
Kayran: Ostmurk The Kayran: Ostmurk Flotsam Triss After investigating the Kayran's lair
Kayran: A Matter of Price The Kayran: A Matter of Price Flotsam Automatically
Where is Triss Merigold? Various
Death to the Traitor! Flotsam Vernon Roche Side with Roche
Floating Prison The Floating Prison Flotsam harbor Iorveth Side with Iorveth
In the Claws of Madness Lobinden Cedric
Hung Over Flotsam Ves
Nekker Contract The Nekker Contract Flotsam Notice board
Endrega Contract The Endrega Contract Flotsam Notice board
Bring it on: Flotsam Flotsam Inn Zoltan
Poker Face: Flotsam Flotsam
Scent of Incense The Scent of Incense Flotsam harbor Vencel Pugg
One on One: Flotsam Flotsam brothel Sheridan
Fight Club Flotsam brothel King Ziggy
Malena Lobinden
At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche Flotsam Dandelion After finding Cedric
At a Crossroads: Scoia'tael Flotsam Zoltan After finding Cedric
Mystic River Shipwreck
Ballista The Ballista Flotsam Vernon Roche
Margot's Disappearance Flotsam After Where is Triss Merigold? is initiated
Little Shop of Dreams Flotsam Matilda Szabo After The Scent of Incense is initiated
Sword for Monsters A Sword for Monsters Flotsam Automatically
Troll Trouble (DLC) Ruined bridge Notice board

Κεφάλαιο I‎I Κεφάλαιο I‎I Top of page[]

Quest Location Source Path Quests / Conditions Required to Unlock
Lost Lambs Kaedweni camp / Execution site Zyvik Roche's Path
Conspiracy Theory Dethmold Roche's Path
Rotfiend Contract The Rotfiend Contract Notice board Roche's Path
Score to Settle A Score to Settle Silgrat Both
Little Sisters Mavrick Roche's Path
Courage Symbolized Dethmold Roche's Path
Bring it on: Kaedweni Camp Kaedweni camp Roche's Path
Poker Face: Kaedweni Camp Kaedweni camp Roche's Path
Prelude to War: Kaedwen Roche's Path
Ave Henselt! Proximo Roche's Path Complete The Butcher of Cidaris
Against the Blue Stripes Roche's Path
Butcher of Cidaris The Butcher of Cidaris Manfred Roche's Path
In Cervisia Veritas Roche's Path
Eternal Battle The Eternal Battle Dethmold/Philippa Both
From a Bygone Era Both
Blood Curse The Blood Curse Kaedweni camp / Execution site Dethmold Roche's Path
Path to Vision The Path to Vision Visionary Roche's Path
Spear of Destiny The Spear of Destiny Saskia Roche's Path
Siege of Vergen The Siege of Vergen Roche's Path
Faith Symbolized Zyvik Roche's Path
Death Symbolized Zyvik / Philippa Both
Hatred Symbolized Zyvik / Philippa Both
Prelude to War: Aedirn Iorveth's Path
Baltimore's Nightmare Harpy lair Iorveth's Path
With Flickering Heart Ele'yas Iorveth's Path
Hunting Magic Philippa Iorveth's Path
Royal Blood Philippa Iorveth's Path
Matter of Life and Death A Matter of Life and Death Philippa Iorveth's Path
One on One: Vergen Iorveth's Path
Bring it on: Vergen Yarpen Zigrin Iorveth's Path
Hey, Work's on in the Mines! Cecil Burdon Iorveth's Path
War Council The War Council Saskia Iorveth's Path
Subterranean Life Philippa Iorveth's Path
Harpy Contract The Harpy Contract Notice board Iorveth's Path
Vergen Besieged Philippa Iorveth's Path
Poker Face: Vergen Iorveth's Path
Queen Harpy Contract The Queen Harpy Contract Notice board Iorveth's Path
Walls Have Ears The Walls Have Ears Willy Oblate Iorveth's Path Royal Blood
Suspect: Thorak Zevro Hayek Iorveth's Path Royal Blood
Sackful of Fluff A Sackful of Fluff (DLC) Old quarry / Elthon's hut Elthon Both

Κεφάλαιο I‎II Κεφάλαιο I‎II Top of page[]

Quest Location Source Path Quests / Conditions Required to Unlock
For a Higher Cause! Loc Muinne Iorveth Iorveth's Path
For Temeria! Loc Muinne Vernon Roche Roche's Path
Of His Blood and Bone Loc Muinne Vernon Roche Roche's Path
Spellbreaker The Spellbreaker Loc Muinne Iorveth's Path
Encrypted Manuscript An Encrypted Manuscript Loc Muinne sewers Both
Poker Face: Loc Muinne Loc Muinne Both
Gargoyle Contract The Gargoyle Contract Loc Muinne Notice board Both
Summit of Mages A Summit of Mages Amphitheatre Both
Enter the Dragon Amphitheatre Both
Bring it on: Loc Muinne Loc Muinne Both
Lilies and Vipers Roche's Path
Messenger The Messenger Roche's Path Lilies and Vipers
Pacta Sunt Servanda Roche's Path Lilies and Vipers
Secrets of Loc Muinne The Secrets of Loc Muinne Iorveth's Path
Dearhenna's Journal Iorveth's Path The Secrets of Loc Muinne
Tome Truly Rare A Tome Truly Rare Iorveth's Path Dearhenna's Journal
Crown Witness Roche's Path