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Altar at Νοσοκομείο της Αγ. Λεμπιόντα
Shrine in the Swamp

There are several altars to Melitele in the game, but only two that are usable:

In Νοσοκομείο της Αγ. Λεμπιόντα, there is a novice nun praying by the altar, who can tell you about Melitele. She will also tell you about sacrifices to the goddess.


Acceptable sacrifices: fruits, plants, Λουλούδια or food on the altars, specifically, only sacrifices of fresh fruit like grapes, blueberries, raspberries, dried fruit like the dried fruit and nuts or plain dried fruit and herbal flowers, like beggartick are worthy. Surprisingly (perhaps only to me!) meat of any kind is also an acceptable sacrifice, so any food item seems to work.

Unacceptable sacrifices: "regular" Λουλούδια like tulips, orchids, roses, etc. ... are not acceptable.

The first sacrifice will give you three of the Sephirot: Ghe'vrath, 'Oth, Veen'ah. You will need these for the A Mysterious Tower and Monoliths tower quests. After this, every subsequent sacrifice will give you Ιξός, an alchemical ingredient.

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