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Tw2 icon bombs.svg In The Witcher 2, bombs are prepared for use by putting them in the pocket slots (or quickslots) in the inventory panel.

Image Name Ingredients Effect
Tw2 bomb samum.png Samum 2 Aether tw2.svg Rebis tw2.svg Stuns and immobilizes all enemies in range.
Tw2 bomb grapeshot.png Grapeshot 2 Rebis tw2.svg Caelum tw2.svg After detonating wounds all enemies in range with shrapnel.
Tw2 bomb devilspuffball.png Devil's puffball 2 Caelum tw2.svg Quebrith tw2.svg Releases a cloud of poison gas.
Tw2 bomb dancingstar.png Dancing star 2 Vitriol tw2.svg Aether tw2.svg Explodes with fire and wounds enemies.
Tw2 bomb dragonsdream.png Dragon's dream 2 Aether tw2.svg Vermilion tw2.svg Releases a cloud of flammable gas.
Tw2 bomb zerrikaniansun.png Zerrikanian sun 2 Rebis tw2.svg Vitriol tw2.svg Blinds and immobilizes all enemies in range.
Tw2 bomb flare.png Flare 2 Vermilion tw2.svg Caelum tw2.svg Illuminates the surrounding area when detonated.
Tw2 bomb stenchbulb.png Stenchbulb 2 Hydragenum tw2.svg Aether tw2.svg Releases a foul-smelling cloud that decreases the statistics of all enemies within it.
Tw2 bomb redhaze.png Red haze 3 Aether tw2.svg Caelum tw2.svg Hydragenum tw2.svg Releases a cloud of psychoactive gas.
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