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For you... Gift-giving plays an important role in The Witcher.

Γλωσσάριο Entry[]

Γλωσσάριο Gifts

Γκέραλτ can present gifts to many of the characters in the game. Usually the recipients express their gratitude by offering useful items or information. Gifts can also help Γκέραλτ win the affections of women. The trick is to choose the right gift from Γκέραλτ's inventory. Usually, characters themselves suggest the kind of gift they would like to receive and Γκέραλτ can figure out what would make them happy based on hints. For example, peasant women like to receive flowers, while townswomen prefer jewellery or clothing. Prostitutes would rather get money, and elegant courtesans desire precious gems. It is important to remember that a badly chosen gift may insult the recipient.

Στο παιχνίδι The Witcher, gifts include: