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statue of the rod of Aesculapius

Merchant Street is the market area in the Συνοικία του Ναού where you can easily buy and sell items of all kinds. It occupies the north-east corner of the Quarter. The central architectural feature would be the statue of the aesculapian snake. There are four Έμποροι which can be found there regularly.


The Market[]

The Peddler[]

the Peddler

He buys and sells

He looks just like the trader from Novigrad who gave Γκέραλτ 100 oren(s) in Chapter I. He is very friendly and the earliest to arrive in the mornings, as well as the last to leave at night (if he actually leaves at all!). He can be found daily from 06:00-23:00, but his business hours are shorter — he will not sell before 07:00.

The Peasant trader[]

the Peasant Trader

He buys and sells

He looks just like Butter Bean. He is not as talkative as the Peddler, but he is there to trade, and trade he does. The peasant trader is the first to leave in the evenings, leaving at 18:00, but he does arrive early in the mornings.

The Antiquary[]

The Antiquary

He buys and sells

He seems to be the merchant with the best sense of humour on the street, but he is the latest to arrive in the mornings and one of the first to leave in the evenings. His knowledge of books is impressive. He can recall the smallest details off the top of his head, not to mention the location of books he does not own yet. He looks just like Munro Bruys and can be found daily between the hours of 09:00 and 21:00.

η Βοτανολόγος[]

η Βοτανολόγος

She buys and sells

The Herbalist is quite cagey about where she gets her merchandise, but she can be persuaded. She will tell Γκέραλτ about gathering herbs by moonlight in the swamp in exchange for a Red shawl. She keeps fairly standard hours, daily at the market, but beware, she does not give the best prices when selling herbs.


  • You can also often find Zahin Schmartz, the dentist, there during the day in Chapter III (if he is not at home).
  • Declan Leuvaarden passes through in the evenings around 18:00-19:00 as well, presumably on his way home, he stops to chat with the Antiquary.
  • Shani can be seen walking to and from work here as well, though she is not in a talking mood then.
  • The Herald is often found here as well.