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Ενδύματα only covers — pun intended — those items which can be given as a δώρο. This then excludes items such as leather armor as well as talismans and Κοσμήματα, for the purpose of this topic. This topic might be more aptly named clothing accessories, as that is pretty much all that is available.

Articles of clothing can be purchased from many Έμποροι including the Peddler on Εμπορικός Δρόμος in the Συνοικία του Ναού and the Merchant who moves between the Marketplace and the Alley along the Walls in the Trade Quarter.

Item Name Notes / Location αγορά πωλώ
Gold women's gloves Gold women's gloves
  • no freebies
100 oren(s) 20 oren(s)
Red shawl Red shawl
  • Called a kerchief by the druids.
  • Can usually be found at Shani's.
50 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Red women's gloves Red women's gloves 100 oren(s) 20 oren(s)
Silk scarf Shawl
  • Called a kerchief by the druids.
  • Can usually be found in Zephyr's remains.
200 oren(s) 40 oren(s)
Shawl Silk scarf 50 oren(s) 10 oren(s)