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Hairy Bear Inn
the back room

The Hairy Bear is a Viziman inn and a favourite hangout of the Mahakam Volunteer Army. "Fixtures" there include Zoltan Chivay, Dennis Cranmer, Yarpen Zigrin, Sheldon Skaggs and Jarre. Many a dispute relating to promotions and the like was settled over a few mugs. It is also a favourite hangout of the Βίζιμα underworld. Many rumours circulate about the beer there — in particular, that the beer is made from dog urine.

Στο παιχνίδι The Witcher[]

The Hairy Bear Inn is located in the southernmost corner of the slums in the Συνοικία του Ναού. It is just kitty corner from the Eager Thighs brothel, and if you lack the orens for a proper room, there is a conveniently located campfire just outside.

The Hairy Bear is the place for indiscriminate clientèle. The innkeeper obviously holds back on the lye, though he waters down the ale generously enough. Patrons share the thin mattresses with rats, but most everyone can find their entertainment of choice here. Illegal fistfight enthusiasts, hustlers and drunkards will all find something to do at the Hairy Bear.

It is said that you can even buy the illegal drug fisstech here, provided you can find a dealer named Coleman.


This is a standard inn:

Staff and regulars[]

the innkeeper the waitress Munro, bouncer Griffarin, the innkeeper in "Παρενέργειες"


There is a different innkeeper at the Hairy Bear in Παρενέργειες, Griffarin.