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During the game, the same style of camera movement is not always desirable in every situation. The Witcher provides an easy way to switch between camera modes with a single keystoke.

Isometric Camera Movement[]

Tutorial isometric camera movement.png

In the isometric camera mode:

  • Left-click anywhere on the ground to move to that location.
  • Move the cursor to the edge of the screen to rotate the camera, or rotate the camera by clicking and holding the scroll-wheel and moving the mouse.

Tip: Switch to other camera modes by pressing F3 or F2.

Over the Shoulder Camera Movement[]

Tutorial over the shoulder camera movement.png

In the Over-the-Shoulder (OTS) mode:

  • Move using the W, A, S and D keys.
  • Rotate the camera by moving your mouse.
  • Press and hold Shift to unlock and freely move the cursor.

Tip: Switch to other camera modes by pressing F1 or F2.