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a sarcophagus, one of many


There are a number of crypts in The Witcher, here is a list of them:

Crypt name Location
Ancient crypts Νεκροταφεία Βάλτου
Cemetery crypt Cemetery
Κρύπτη στα Προάστια Προάστια, north-east
Crypt at the Παραλίμνιο Παραλίμνιο near Θολά Νερά
Crypt in the fields Fields near Θολά Νερά
Crypt in the sewers υπονόμους
Lionhead Spider Cultists' lair υπονόμους
Raven's crypt Νεκροταφεία Βάλτου, east
Striga's crypt Νεκροταφεία Βάλτου, on the island

Additionally, some sarcophagi are referred to as "crypts", adding to the general confusion.