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Λύρια και Ρίβια

The kingdom of Λύρια και Ρίβια is one of the Βόρεια Βασίλεια, located north of the river Yaruga, ruled by queen Meve. The kingdom's neighbors are Mahakam, Aedirn and Angren.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

One July, during the Second Nilfgaard War, Lyria and Rivia were invaded and conquered by Nilfgaard without any formal declaration of war. It was, however, liberated in the later phases of the war.

It should also be noted, though Γκέραλτ της Ρίβια originally used the title 'της Ρίβια' because it amused him, he was formally knighted by Μεβ and given the title 'της Ρίβια' after the Battle for the Bridge on the Yaruga.

National emblems[]


Lyrian coat of arms Rivian coat of arms Lyria and Rivia coat of arms before Ceran's reign Lyria and Rivia coat of arms since Ceran's reign

These coats of arms were designed by our local heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro based on the descriptions in the novels.


Lyrian-Rivian flag

This flag was created by our resident heraldry and witcher expert Mboro, based on the description in the novels.

Notable Lyrians[]


Royal family:

  • Rigoberta
  • Viviana

Cities and strongholds[]