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The Battle of Sodden Hill, also known as the Second battle of Sodden took place during the first war with Nilfgaard. The hill itself is also known variously as "Mage Hill", "Kite Hill" or the "Hill of the Fourteen", because fourteen of the twenty two mages involved in the battle were said to have been killed fighting the Nilfgaardian army (at least according to official sources). A reported one hundred thousand participants fought in the battle, of which at least thirty thousand were either killed or wounded. The battle ended in a disgraceful defeat for Nilfgaard and marshal Coehoorn in particular.

Although there are fourteen graves, there are no more than twelve bodies. Triss Merigold is said to be among the fourteen, but she survived if not unscathed. The fourteenth is generally considered to be Γιενέφερ της Vengerberg. The names of the fallen (including Triss and Γιενέφερ) are carved on a stone obelisk. Each year at Belleteyn, fires are lit to commemorate those killed on the hill.

Notable Participants[]

Survivors Fatalities Others
  • Gorazd
  • Axel Esparza the Pockmarked
  • Atlan Kerk
  • Vanielle of Brugge
  • Dagobert of Vole
  • Lawdbor of Murivel
  • Lytta Neyd (known as Coral)
  • Yoël Grethen
  • five other unnamed mages
  • Sheldon Skaggs
  • Donimir of Troy
  • Bryton de Creigiau
  • Hurgan Bolt

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