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"Though they are not warrior mages who employ powerful spells, Μάγιστροςs can cast simple magic spells that can prove effective when used properly. Witchers call these spells Signs and usually use them against monsters, though they also have non-combat applications."

The witchers prefer single-handed weaponry because it leaves their other hand free to cast Signs. Known signs are Αρντ, Ιγκνι, Υρντεν, Κουεν, Άξι and Heliotrop.

...The witchers adapted the spell, making use of the fact that it does not require knowledge of a magical formula — concentration and the hand gesture are enough. That's why they call it a Sign.
— pg. 309, Blood of Elves

Στο παιχνίδι The Witcher[]


Through the use of Circles of Elements, five of the signs become available over the course of the game:


The Heliotrop sign was not included in the original game, but the FCR mod by the Ifrit Creative Group replaces the Άξι sign with it.

Sign modifiers[]

Γκέραλτ's skill at using these signs is governed by the allocation of talents as he levels up. This allocation can affect the following:

  • Sign intensity — basically a multiplier for the severity of the sign cast.
  • Sign duration — used with signs like Κουεν and Υρντεν where the length of time a spell lasts is useful.
  • Whether or not a sign can be "powered up".

Cost of casting[]

The cost of casting a sign is typically measured in Αντοχή. Casting signs uses up Αντοχή and proficiency at casting those signs reduces the amount of Αντοχή required to cast.


  • Leo, a witcher trainee character unique to the game, tells the witcher in the Πρόλογος that he can not use signs since breaking his fingers on the gauntlet during training.
  • The signs included in the game are based on Τέσσερα στοιχεία, both in their nature and by their symbols.
  • One sign which was considered, but not implemented, for the game was the Aagni sign, said to be a powerful combination of the Αρντ and Ιγκνι signs.

Αρντ Ιγκνι Υρντεν Κουεν Άξι