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Στο παιχνίδι The Witcher[]

Innkeeper Olaf Innkeeper at the Hairy Bear Innkeeper at the New Narakort Male innkeeper in Murky Waters Female innkeeper in Murky Waters

There are several Ξενοδόχος in The Witcher.

They can all arrange for storage and accommodations, and some will even impart some useful information for the right price:

Στο παιχνίδι για υπολογιστή The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]


White Orchard[]

  • Elsa at the White Orchard inn

Velen and Novigrad[]

  • Stjepan at The Alchemy, in Oxenfurt
  • Innkeep at the Crossroads
  • Olivier at The Kingfisher
    • Innkeep who replaces Olivier in the event of his death
  • Innkeep at the Chameleon / Rosemary and Thyme
  • Innkeep at The Golden Sturgeon
  • Innkeep at The Nowhere
  • Innkeep at Cunny of the Goose
  • Innkeep at The Seven Cats
  • Innkeep at Lindenvale


  • Jonas the Innkeep at The New Port in Kaer Trolde harbor
  • Innkeep in Arinbjorn
  • Innkeep in Harviken
  • Innkeep at the House of Warriors in Larvik
  • Innkeep in Svorlag
  • Innkeep in Urialla Harbor

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