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This page aims to list all the ποτάμια found in the Βόρεια Βασίλεια and Nilfgaard, which form the majority of the area known as "the ήπειρο".

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  • A, a rivulet in Lower Sodden
  • Adalatte, ποτάμι in Cintra
  • Alba, ποτάμι running by the city of Nilfgaard
  • Arete, ποτάμι in Ebbing

B Top of page[]

  • Blessure, ποτάμι in Toussaint
  • Braa, ποτάμι which separates Caingorn and Malleore.
  • Buina, ποτάμι in Kaedwen

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D Top of page[]

  • Dyfne, ποτάμι near the border of Aedirn and Kaedwen

E Top of page[]

  • Easnadh, also called the "Sigh"

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H Top of page[]

  • Hafen, ποτάμι in the mysterious Arthurian world which Ciri visits

I Top of page[]

  • Ina, ποτάμι in Sodden
  • Ismena, ποτάμι in Temeria

L Top of page[]

  • Lete, ποτάμι in Ebbing
  • Lixela, ποτάμι in Kaedwen

M Top of page[]

  • Marnadal, ποτάμι north of Amell

N Top of page[]

  • Newi, ποτάμι separating Riverdell from Toussaint
  • Nimnar, ποτάμι in Redania

O Top of page[]

  • O, a rivulet in Lower Sodden

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R Top of page[]

  • Ribbon, ποτάμι dividing Brugge and Verden

S Top of page[]

  • Sansretour, ποτάμι in Toussaint
  • Solveiga, ποτάμι running south of the Blue Mountains
  • Suchak, ποτάμι (mostly a dry riverbed) in the Korath desert
  • Sylte, ποτάμι dividing Metinna and Ebbing

T Top of page[]

  • Tango, ποτάμι in Narok
  • Toina, ποτάμι in Narok
  • Trava, ποτάμι in Lower Sodden
  • Tuathe, ποτάμι in Tir ná Lia, also called Whisper

V Top of page[]

  • Vda, ποτάμι in Verden
  • Velda, ποτάμι dividing Geso and Maecht

W Top of page[]

  • Wagtail, ποτάμι in Geso

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Mythical Top of page[]

  • Duppa