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Πρώτου Κεφαλαίου was the organization of μάγους of the Βόρεια Βασίλεια before the Επίθεση στην Thanedd. The Chapter of Mages was the highest chamber, and the Council of Mages lower chamber, but also wielded important authority in the Brotherhood. After the coup, the Στοά των Μαγισσών was established by former Council member, Philippa Eilhart. Unlike the Brotherhood, the Lodge is female-only and includes sorceresses from both Βόρεια Βασίλεια and Αυτοκρατορία του Nilfgaard.

Original members of the Chapter[]

Chapter members during the Επίθεση στην Thanedd[]

  • Hen Gedymdeith
  • Tissaia de Vries
  • Francesca Findabair
  • Vilgefortz της Roggeveen
  • Artaud Terranova

Council members during the Επίθεση στην Thanedd[]


Danusia Stok's translations of the Έπος του Witcher use the term "Chapter of Wizards" throughout.