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The Hexer (Polish: Wiedźmin) is the international title of both a ταινία (2001) and a τηλεοπτική σειρά (2002) based on the Μάγιστρος short stories by Andrzej Sapkowski, although it is more commonly referred to as The Witcher by fans since the release of The Witcher παιχνίδι για υπολογιστή. Both the ταινία and the τηλεοπτική σειρά were directed by Marek Brodzki, written by Michał Szczerbic, and produced by Lew Rywin. The role of Γκέραλτ was played by Michał Żebrowski, and the music was composed by Grzegorz Ciechowski.

Consisting of 13 episodes, the τηλεοπτική σειρά came out one year after the ταινία. It was much more coherent than the confusing ταινία, but was still considered a failure mostly due to the film's already bad reputation and due to vast changes to the source material.


Main characters:

Recurring characters:


No Polish title Ελληνικά Source stories
1 "Dzieciństwo" "Childhood" None
2 "Nauka" "Training" None
3 "Człowiek - pierwsze spotkanie" "Human - First Meeting" Incorporates minor elements of "Το Μικρό Κακό" and "Η Φωνή του Λόγου"
4 "Smok" "Ο Δράκος" "Τα Όρια των Πιθανοτήτων"
5 "Okruch lodu" "Ένα Κομμάτι Πάγου" "Ένα Κομμάτι Πάγου"
6 "Calanthe" "Calanthe" "Η Ερώτηση της Τιμής"
7 "Dolina Kwiatów" "The Valley of Flowers" "Wieczny ogień", "Η Άκρη του Κόσμου"
8 "Rozdroże" "Crossroads" "Ο Μάγιστρος", "Η Φωνή του Λόγου", "Coś więcej"
9 "Świątynia Melitele" "Ναός της Melitele" "Η Φωνή του Λόγου"
10 "Mniejsze zło" "Το Μικρότερο κακό" "Το Μικρό Κακό"
11 "Jaskier" "Νταντέλιον" Elements of "Το Μικρό Κακό", "Ένα Κομμάτι Πάγου" and "Το Ξίφος του Πεπρωμένου"
12 "Falwick" "Falwick" None
13 "Ciri" "Ciri" Contains elements of "Something More"

The Hexer theatrical ταινία is a compilation of material from various episodes.

Differences between the books and the τηλεοπτική σειρά[]

The makers of the τηλεοπτική σειρά and ταινία made many changes to the plot of the Witcher short stories, the major ones being:

  • In the books, Γκέραλτ was given to the witchers by his mother, Visenna and never knew his father. In the series, he was taken from his parents by the Witchers through the Νόμος της Έκπληξης.
  • In the books, there was no actual witcher code, although Γκέραλτ made up a code of his own. In the series, the witchers have a code that allows them only to fight in an "honorable" way (even with monsters).
  • In the books, Vesemir was a witcher. In the series, he is a priest. Some of the characteristics of Vesemir the witcher were given to the Παλιός Witcher in the series.
  • In the books, Γκέραλτ was never treated as an outcast by other witchers, while he is in the series.
  • In the books, there are no female witchers, while a school of female witchers exists in the series.
  • In the books, Γκέραλτ first met Ciri in the Brokilon forest, not in the Melitele temple in Ellander, as in the series, although she does spend some time in the temple in Blood of Elves.
  • Falwick's role was greatly expanded in order to make him a worthy nemesis for Γκέραλτ in the series.
  • In the books, The Order of the White Rose was not as prominently present as in the series and had no ties to Nilfgaard nor Renfri.
  • In the books, Nenneke and Iola didn't die.

Online release[]

The series has been unofficially released with English subtitles on the Internet.

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