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Vitality regeneration

Although Γκέραλτ does not need to eat or drink during the game, if he has no healing potions, then he could use some food to help increase his vitality. Below is a table of all food items in The Witcher. All of these items can be consumed, and if so, provide 9 minutes of vitality regeneration each.

Note: When consuming food for the purpose of increasing vitality regeneration, it is important to avoid eating the same type of food if you want to gain several bonuses at once. For example, eating two blueberries will only show one regeneration effect in the HUD, but eating a blueberry and a loaf of bread would show two.

Βασικά τρόφιμα[]

εικών Περιγραφή αγορά πωλώ
Bread Bread 5 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Bun Bun 5 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Cheese Cheese 15 oren(s) 3 oren(s)
Dried fruit Dried fruit 5 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Dried fruit and nuts Dried fruit and nuts 5 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Honeycomb Honeycomb 25 oren(s) 5 oren(s)

Φρέσκα φρούτα[]

εικών Περιγραφή αγορά πωλώ
Blueberry Blueberries 5 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Grapes Grapes 5 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Pear Pear 5 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Raspberry Raspberries 5 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Strawberry Strawberries 5 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Watermelon Watermelon 10 oren(s) 2 oren(s)


εικών Περιγραφή αγορά πωλώ
Chicken Chicken 25 oren(s) 5 oren(s)
Chicken leg Chicken leg 10 oren(s) 2 oren(s)
Mutton leg Mutton leg 15 oren(s) 3 oren(s)
Pork Pork 20 oren(s) 4 oren(s)
Wyvern meat Wyvern meat 25 oren(s) 5 oren(s)


εικών Περιγραφή αγορά πωλώ
Fish Fish 10 oren(s) 2 oren(s)
Gutted fish Gutted fish 20 oren(s) 4 oren(s)


εικών Περιγραφή αγορά πωλώ
Chicken sandwich Chicken sandwich 20 oren(s) 4 oren(s)
Ham sandwich Ham sandwich 20 oren(s) 4 oren(s)

Additional goods / skinnable items[]

εικών Περιγραφή αγορά πωλώ
Wyvern egg Wyvern eggs 15 oren(s) 3 oren(s)
Wyvern meat Wyvern meat 25 oren(s) 5 oren(s)


εικών Περιγραφή αγορά πωλώ
Candy Candy 15 oren(s) 3 oren(s)
Sugardoll Sugardoll 25 oren(s) 5 oren(s)


Selling price is always a fifth of the buying price. Thus an item costing 5 oren(s) will sell for 1 oren(s). Bottled Water costs 3 oren(s), but because the selling price is less than 1 oren(s), no one will buy it!