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Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

Additional goods are items Γκέραλτ can obtain from the remains of beasts he has killed. They lack alchemical uses but some merchants will pay for them, and some Αποστολές require them. They do not usually require journal bestiary entries in order to be "available" to Γκέραλτ, unlike other skin-able items which do have alchemical uses. Below is a quick list of all the additional goods in the game and the best prices (remember, not every merchant gives the best price).

Image Name Quest Buyer(s) Buy Sell
Barghest skull Barghest skull ΝαίΝαί 10 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Basilisk hide Basilisk hide ΝαίΝαί 10 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Chitinous carapace Chitinous carapace ΝαίΝαί 10 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Fleder fang Fleder fang ΝαίΝαί 10 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Squirrel puff Squirrel puff ΝαίΝαί
  • White Rayla does challenge Γκέραλτ to a contest where he must collect 20 to advance the main quest, but he can never sell them.
wolf pelt Wolf pelt ΝαίΝαί 5 oren(s) 5 oren(s)
Wyvern egg Wyvern egg ΝαίΝαί 15 oren(s) 3 oren(s)
Wyvern meat Wyvern meat ΝαίΝαί
  • The Innkeeper at the New Narakort Inn wants some (Quest: The Wyvern Contract).
  • Any waitress will buy wyvern meat.
  • Vaska
  • Unlike other additional goods, these are also considered Φαγητό.
25 oren(s) 5 oren(s)
Significant plot details end here.