Against Nonhumans

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Against Nonhumans
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Against Nonhumans
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A pamphlet describing the great conspiracy of the non-humans and their schemes over the centuries. It contains many lies but simultaneously provides some useful information on the Παλαιές φυλές.

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Against Nonhumans
"It was then that the elven wise men called the Sages gathered in the dungeons beneath Reinhold Castle. The eldest of them said: "The day and the hour have come. We are here to discuss the fall of humans. We will avenge the death of Lara Dorren, we will shed their blood and drown the world in chaos. We will hide in the fortress for five hundred years while the chosen live in human cities and become their neighbors. Everyone knows their place in the Plan, whether elf, dwarf, gnome, sorcerer, or Nilfgaardian. Whoever betrays us is doomed. We will call ourselves Superiors, because we have no lords over us and we spit on gods."
Then all swore an oath and each drank the blood of an innocent child from a golden chalice to seal their obedience to the Plan."

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