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Bestiary Barghest full.png
Barghests are ghosts which come from the underworld only when summoned
Barghests are fearless and cannot be poisoned; coming from the underworld they acquire bodies, so they can be stunned and experience pain, although they are somewhat resistant to these effects
Barghests are sensitive to silver and very susceptible to knockdown attempts; the Fast Style is most efficient against barghests and experienced witchers use the Group Style while fighting multiple barghests
They try to surround their opponent and work as a group — where one barghest appears, more will follow
Beast fangs, ectoplasm, and Death dust
Additional goods
Barghest skull

Barghest — these creatures, summoned by the Beast, haunt Vizima's outskirts. There are those who claim they are ordinary dogs transformed into monsters by some curse; others believe they came from the spirit world to torment the town's inhabitants. Packs of barghests appear out of the blue, in the middle of the night, to kill those who are late getting home.

καταχώρηση στο ημερολόγιο[]

"People say that barghests are specters which materialize as ghastly dogs and persecute the living. According to some folk tales these monsters are the scouts of the Wild Hunt. Other legends say the ghosts appear as a sign of divine retribution and embody revenge. However, all tales agree on one point: barghests show the living no mercy."



  • Spending a Bronze talent on the Monster Lore option adds bestiary entries for Graveirs, Ghouls, Drowners and Barghests.
  • Barghests
  • In Chapter I, an "Old townswoman" (found in a house in the village) will tell Γκέραλτ a tale about them in exchange for food. This conversation results in journal enrty.


  • Finding your swordsmanship not up to snuff yet with barghests? Try a heavy club.
  • In the Πρόλογος, Lambert claims the Fast Style is best to use against barghests, but the conversation does not result in a bestiary entry.
  • In Chapter I, an "Old townswoman" will tell Γκέραλτ about barghests in exchange for food. However, the conversation does not result in a bestiary entry for barghests, but it does result in an ingredient entry for Ectoplasm.
  • Γκέραλτ can loot the remains of barghests in for Barghest skulls, Beast fangs, and/or Ectoplasm without having any journal entry for barghests or those items. Barghest remains do not appear to ever contain Death dust unless Γκέραλτ has read the Barghests book.
  • Barghest is the name used in the north of England, especially in Yorkshire, for a legendary monstrous black dog.

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