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Basilisk is an ornithosaur, which sometimes terrorizes communities.


Στο παιχνίδι The Witcher[]

Bestiary Basilisk full.png
Basilisks choose dark and damp places like caves and abandoned canal branches as their dwellings
Immune to most poisons; resistant to stun attempts
Sensitive to silver and Ornithosaur oil
A basilisk's most dangerous weapon is its venom — one of the strongest known toxins
Venom glands
Additional goods
Basilisk hide

In the game, basilisks do not appear until Chapter IV. The first encounter with them is usually on Black Tern Island, but possibly in the crypt in the fields. They are an excellent source of XP.

καταχώρηση στο ημερολόγιο[]

"Simple people call the basilisk the king of the Zerrikanian deserts and often mistake it for a cockatrice. They claim that the beast is filled with such hatred towards all living things that even its breath is venomous and its glance turns the unwary to stone. The fact that witchers often encounter basilisks in dungeons and cellars contradicts the legend and suggests these creatures can reproduce under any conditions like many of their nasty monster brethren. In fairy tales, the only certain way to kill a basilisk is by holding a mirror in front of its eyes to divert its deadly gaze. Witchers reply that it is far better to smash the mirror on the creature's head."



  • In Chapter III, Γκέραλτ can talk with a Townswoman sitting at The New Narakort. She is blonde, wearing a green dress with a yellow shirt. She will tell him she is in the mood to spin a tale but she is thirsty. Depending on her mood, she will ask for "a mug of beer" or milk. She will tell Γκέραλτ about Basilisks, Wyverns and eventually Archespores.
  • Γκέραλτ must exit and then re-enter the inn (or meditate) after each tale to speak to her again. After Γκέραλτ has acquired all the entries she knows about, she will still ask for milk and beer but will not give any new tales or journal entries.
  • Ornithosaurs

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