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Beggartick blossoms
Substances Beggartick blossom.png
Beggartick blossoms
Substances Small Hydragenum.png Substances Small Rubedo.png
grows wild
15 oren(s)
3 oren(s)

The petals of beggartick blossoms, a common field plant with big red flowers, are used in the production of fisstech. The blossoms of this swamp plant are poisonous and hallucinogenic. According to the woman in the Brickmakers' village, normally this plant grows in the water, but the variety found in the Swamp Forest outside Vizima grows on land.


  • Swamp Plants
  • You can obtain this journal entry by giving food to one of the old women in the Outskirts or by giving the Scoia'tael dressed as a huntress feainnewedd in the non-human camp.
  • This entry can also be obtained by giving honeycomb, or 50 oren(s), to one of the women in the Brickmakers' village after midnight, during Κεφάλαιο II, or in Κεφάλαιο III after having completed Reaping Time. She can be found in the hut facing Vaska's house.


  • Yaren Bolt tells Γκέραλτ about beggartick flowers during the Flowers and Gold quest. During the quest, asking some Brickmakers you will get the information that the blossoms are used as gifts to the water lords.
  • In the real world, 'beggartick' is used as a name for several flowers in the Bidens-genus of the family Asteraceae.