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Bifunctional fiber and alloy recirculator
Quest Items Recirculator.png
A strange device of unknown purpose.
αντικείμενο της αποστολής
piece required to forge Raven's Armor of the Elves
ancient crypt beneath the old mine

The bifunctional fiber and alloy recirculator is a quest item in Κεφάλαιο V which is required only if Γκέραλτ follows the Scoia'tael path and has Raven's Armor of the Elves made for him by Malcolm Stein, the dwarven blacksmith. The fabrication of this armor is not strictly necessary to the plot, but it sure is nice.

The recirculator is found in a dwarven trunk, in the ancient crypt beneath the old mine in the swamp cemetery along with some dwarven spirit.

Συνδεδεμένες αποστολές[]

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