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"Bring it on: Vergen"
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Iorveth's path
Κεφάλαιο I‎I
Yarpen Zigrin
Bring it on: Flotsam
Bring it on: Loc Muinne

Bring it on: Vergen is a quest in Κεφάλαιο I‎I of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings if Geralt takes Iorveth's path. The equivalent quest on Roche's path is "Bring it on: Kaedweni Camp".


Having been told by Zoltan earlier that arm wrestling is a dwarven passtime. Geralt immediately sets about finding some worthy opponents upon arriving in the dwarven town of Vergen. The first two arm wrestling contenders, his old friends Sheldon Skaggs and Yarpen Zigrin, can be found at The Cauldron, the inn in Vergen. They are relatively easy to beat, certainly no more difficult than previous arm wrestlers. Having beaten then, the dwarves tell him that the local champion is Skalen Burdon and that nothing would make them happier than to see him taken down a peg. Skalen does not disappoint and puts up a good fight.

After beating Skalen, if Geralt reports back to his friends at The Cauldron, Sheldon gives him an earth rune and Yarpen gives him a fire rune for beating the lad.

καταχώρηση στο ημερολόγιο[]

Geralt did not have much free time, but he liked to have his fun. After besting Zoltan Chivay at arm wrestling, the dwarf told him of the exploits of his old crew. Stories about dwarven grit convinced the witcher to take on Yarpen Zigrin and Sheldon Skaggs.
Geralt bested Sheldon Skaggs quite easily. In the process, he learned about Skalen Burdon, who had no equal at arm wrestling. The dwarves encouraged Geralt to challenge Skalen to a match and defeat him.
Geralt bested Yarpen, though not without effort. Incidentally, he learned that Skalen Burdon, the alderman's nephew, was the local arm wrestling champion, a fact that was grating on the old crew's nerves. Taking Skalen down a peg would earn the witcher the eternal gratitude of Zoltan's friends.
The name of the elder's nephew followed Geralt like a stench follows an army. Zoltan's friends insisted the witcher should tackle Skalen Burdon.
Skalen Burdon lost to Geralt after a long and grueling duel. The witcher went back to see Yarpen and Sheldon to learn exactly what "eternal gratitude" meant. First, however, he heard the story of Mighty Numa, a legendary arm wrestling champion. The witcher hoped to meet the strongman one day and see if he really did dope himself up as the dwarves claimed.
Geralt tested his hand often and never lost his strength. That's mutant stamina for you. He defeated all the dwarves, including the best among them – Skalen Burdon.