Cults and Religions of the Nordlings

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Λατρείες και Θρησκείες των Nordlings
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Cults and Religions of the Nordlings
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A treatise on the religions of the Βόρεια Βασίλεια, written by a Nilfgaardian.

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Cults and Religions of the Nordlings
Stefan Keller
"Among the numerous faiths of the Nordlings, the most widespread is the cult of Melitele, a goddess in three forms: young girl, mature woman and old hag. Melitele is a Mother Goddess, caring for her children. Primarily women pray to her, though men in need might also utter supplications. The religion is a vestige of the old matriarchy and testifies to the weakness of the Nordlings — people who worship female deities are soft-hearted and incapable of preparing their sons for war.
In recent years, the cult of Melitele has found a rival in the cult of Η αιώνια φωτιά, which came out of Novigrad. Clerics of Η αιώνια φωτιά demonstrate fanaticism and almost complete devotion. The religion is hostile toward any form of otherness, including non-humans. The Order of the Flaming Rose is the cult's military arm.
The treatise also examines other faiths, including the cult of the Lionhead Spider."

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