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Dagon worshipper
Bestiary Dagon worshipper full.png
They come ashore to worship at the altar of their god, Dagon
Somewhat resistant to incineration attempts
Once set alight, they prove sensitive to fire; susceptible to blinding
They can heal themselves
Vodyanoi bladders

Like every evil, ancient god, Dagon needs loyal and fanatical followers who can give the world a taste of the impending doom that will ensue with the coming of their lord. Recruited from among the vodyanoi, Dagon worshippers do this perfectly — unless they run into a Μάγιστρος.

In the game, Dagon worshippers are generally seen in the company of a Vodyanoi priest marauding about the Παραλίμνιο and Fields, or tending Dagon's altar on Black Tern Island. They are also called acolytes, especially when seen near the altar and considered to be "unfriendly" or "bad" vodyanoi.

They not only tend Dagon's temple but they also fight as protectors of their chosen deity.



  • The Dagon worshippers share certain design characteristics with the Deep Ones from the game "X-COM: Terror from the Deep". Both were inspired by the "Deep Ones" from the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

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