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Dimeritium amulet
Quest Items Dimeritium amulet.png
A small amulet made of a blue metal.
αντικείμενο της αποστολής
helps Alvin control his abilities and nightmares

This amulet is a quest item which Γκέραλτ receives from Νταντέλιον in Θολά Νερά. Νταντέλιον has brought a parcel from Triss and a letter. The parcel contains a Dimeritium amulet for Alvin which is supposed to help control his magical abilities and his constant nightmares.

Depending on Alvin's previous guardian, he will either be at the "fairytale ruins" outside the village where he will have to be rescued from the Gambling ghost, or by the riverbank with a dog, where they are both threatened by a devourer (the only one you will ever see in daytime). It takes a little convincing to get Alvin to wear the amulet:

Γκέραλτ I have a gift for you. It's a dimeritium necklace, do you like it?
Alvin Necklaces are for girls !
Γκέραλτ It'll keep your nightmares at bay. I wear one.
Alvin An amulet like yours !

However, it is not strong enough to keep him from prophesying once again. "... look into my eyes d'hoine... you are not even human... now do you see the necessity..."

Συνδεδεμένες αποστολές[]


At the end of the game, Γκέραλτ finds (to his surprise) that the Grand Master also wears such an pendant.