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Dungeons of La Valette Castle

The Dungeons of La Valette Castle are located underground in the keep. They consist of a vast network of tunnels, infested with rats, droppings and human remains of those people who have lost their lives here. The tunnels branch out on two levels. In addition to cells, there is also a lower torture chamber and an interrogation room.

Other than regular criminals and thieves, political dissidents are captured and detained here. Recently, after the attack by King Foltest's army, the castle passed into the hands of temerians, who imprisoned the rebels of the La Valettes and their allies. Among these are the Baroness Mary Louisa and her son Aryan.

Γκέραλτ της Ρίβια has also been held and handcuffed in one cell of the dungeons. At the beginning of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, the reason for his captivity is unknown until Vernon Roche enters the cell to question him.

Journal Entry[]

During one of my visits to the La Valette family's vast abode, when I had the pleasure of meeting the old baron's niece - a charming creature but sixteen springs old - my host, clearly proud of his lands and holdings, offered to show me around the keep's expansive and varied cellars. While he entertained me with conversation and anecdotes on various subjects, including the unique system of penalties designed for seducers of the underaged, I got a thorough tour of the dungeon beneath La Valette Castle. The guards were exceptionally polite and seemed to have an unerring sense of direction within the labyrinthine network of vestibules, cells and winding corridors. I imagined that without their help it would be easy to lose one's way there, wandering around for hours, unable to find an exit. I would not envy any soul imprisoned there.

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Lower dungeon Upper dungeon
Lower dungeon Upper dungeon