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the friendly Vodyan priest

The friendly vodyan priest is one of the first "locals" Γκέραλτ meets upon his arrival in Θολά Νερά, the other two being the Resolute girl and a naiad. The resolute girl calls him the funny fishman.

It is from this priest that Γκέραλτ learns of Berengar's presence in the area and also of the strife brewing between the vodyanoi and the villagers. Their meeting begins the Ripples quest. Γκέραλτ must speak with him a number of times, but things are not always as easy as you might think. The friendly priest is often driven away from his post at the foot of the altar to the Lady of the Lake by other unfriendly vodyanoi — Dagon worshippers. These other vodyanoi must be dispatched before the friendly priest will return.

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