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Bestiary Garkain full.png
Garkains are lesser vampires, found most frequently at cemeteries or near abandoned buildings, where they nest
They are fearless and resistant to stun attempts
Sensitive to silver and Vampire oil
They try to daze their victims and drink their blood
Garkain saliva
Wing membrane
Abomination lymph

Garkains are lesser vampires unique to the game. They are so foul that the mere sight of one paralyses opponents, especially sensitive ones. Apart from using its ugliness as a weapon, the garkain has at its disposal an amazing variety of ways to pin down victims and suck their blood.

Notable garkains[]

καταχώρηση στο ημερολόγιο[]

"Garkains, the filthiest of vampires, are uglier even than fleders. Since fleders are widely despised for their looks, it is easy to imagine how abominable garkains must be. As vampires, the creatures drink blood but they are also drawn to fresh meat, or even corpses. Garkains are often mistaken for gargoyles because they lurk on rooftops, waiting to dive at their victims."



  • In Θολά Νερά, Γκέραλτ may have a chat about garkains with a Peasant woman. She is concerned for a family member who suffered a garkain attack and now suffers from poison. Γκέραλτ helps her identify the source of the problem. The conversation will result in a Garkain bestiary entry along with any associated ingredient entries he does not have yet.
  • In Παλιά Βίζιμα at the Hospital (and sometimes in various houses in the area) there is a Diseased man that asks for something to eat. In return, he will unlock Garkains and their alchemies.
  • Vampires: Facts and Myths
  • Physiologus


  • Garkain remains will not contain their saliva without the monsters' bestiary entry.

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