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Gramps' diamond
Quest Items Gramps diamond.png
A sizeable diamond.
αντικείμενο της αποστολής

Gramps' diamond is a quest item which is part of the Ripples quest. The quest is first given to Γκέραλτ by the friendly vodyan priest who guards the Altar to the Lady of the Lake. The item itself is obtained from Julian. Because this is a quest item, it can not be sold. During the quest, Γκέραλτ has three choices reagarding the conflict:

  • he can side with the vodyanoi
  • he can side with the villagers, or
  • he can reconcile both sides for the Lady of the Lake

Julian, acting for the villagers, offers three different items, his Grandfather's diamond being among them, if Γκέραλτ decides to reconcile the factions.

Συνδεδεμένες αποστολές[]