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Haren Brogg, hawker

The hav'caaren are greedy, opportunistic smugglers who have taken advantage of the worsening relations between the elves and the humans to sell arms and supplies to the Scoia'tael at outrageous prices, thereby lining their own pockets on the misfortune of others. They have even been known to renege on deals and sell out their own "clients" for the right price or incentive.

Hawkers are looked upon with contempt by both humans and elves. They tend to be mostly human, but their membership does include some assimilated elves and dwarves. They appear in Baptism of Fire, the third novel in the Blood of Elves saga.

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The hav'caaren are also known as "hawkers", so conversations about "hawkers and squirrels" abound in the game. Siegfried says that their name derives from an elven word for "ravenous greed", although his grasp of the elven tongue may be sub-optimal, his observation is nonetheless quite accurate.

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