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House of the Queen of the Night
luxurious loge inside

The finest whorehouse in Βίζιμα is the House of the Queen of the Night in the Trade Quarter. All the local politicians and courtiers can be found there in the evenings enjoying the company of the many lovely ladies found there. The madame of this little sorority is the Queen of the Night herself and her staff of lovelies offers much more than meets the eye.

καταχώρηση στο ημερολόγιο[]

For people who can't complain about the lightness of their purses, Βίζιμα's Trade Quarter offers entertainment of the highest quality. The most beautiful women await their clients at the House of the Queen of the Night. They offer refined pleasures and a chance to forget about the dreariness of daily life.

Συναφείς αποστολές[]


  • Νταντέλιον suggests that he, Zoltan and Γκέραλτ should go to the House of the Queen of the Night after a drink fest that the three have either at The Hairy Bear or The New Narakort, depending on some choices made earlier in the game. He says that they owe him a favour, but does not elaborate further. He also asserts that they do not discriminate based on race, much to Zoltan's relief. Coin (and gems) is the currency there, no judgements.
  • A painting of Yarpen Zigrin hangs upstairs at the House. He was apparently a very valued customer.


the bouncer the blue-eyed lass one of the Sisters of the Night The Queen of the Night