Ice giant

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Ice giant

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Vulnerable to
Fire (unconfirmed)

The Ice giant is a boss monster which Γκέραλτ encounters in Στο παιχνίδι για υπολογιστή The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He is a huge troll-like creature, living on an island of Skellige.

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  • The giant seems to be sensitive to fire.
  • His "armor" consists of ropes, bones and other stuff he finds on his island.
  • Quest: In the demo which was shown to the German PC Games editorial offices, Γκέραλτ is ordered by a Jarl - very probably by Crach an Craite - to find his missing son Hjalmar. For this, the witcher crosses the sea, employing his new witcher senses at Hjalmar's last known whereabouts. The trail leads Γκέραλτ to the cave of an Ice giant where Hjalmar is being held captive. After deciding whether to sneakily kill the giant in his sleep, or release the Jarl's son by fighting honorably against the Ice giant, the final battle against the boss monster begins.
  • The monster is able to use his environment as weapons, like stalactites he is breaking off from the ceiling of his cave, whale bones, trunks or even a heavy boat anchor.
  • It is possible, that Γκέραλτ encounters more than one Ice Giant on this island.