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Jethro the jailer

Jethro is a City Guard in the Συνοικία του Ναού and the jailer at the dungeon. He works for Vincent Meis officially, but seems to have quite the little enterprise on the side as well. His addiction to fisstech appears to have screwed up his life and his brain, as he is not the sharpest tool in the drawer.

Συναφείς αποστολές[]

καταχώρηση στο ημερολόγιο[]

Jethro is a guard in the city dungeon. He would merely be a standard smartass, except that he's addicted to fisstech.


  • Being an addict, Jethro can be bribed with fisstech to get extra information.
  • Γκέραλτ explains to Jethro how best to take fisstech... rather funny.