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Letter from Shani
Quest Items generic letter.png
A letter scented with herbs, written in Shani's sprawling erratic hand.
αντικείμενο της αποστολής
Shani via Νταντέλιον

Depending on Γκέραλτ's choice of guardian for Alvin in Κεφάλαιο III, he either receives a letter from Shani or from Triss when he meets Νταντέλιον in Θολά Νερά as part of the Alvin quest.

Συνδεδεμένες αποστολές[]


Γκέραλτ !
I spoke with Νταντέλιον and learned your whereabouts from him. I thought it a good idea to send him to you, as it will keep him out of earshot of the local gossips. I also wanted him to deliver this letter and maybe take care of you a bit. I am really concerned about you and think someone should be by your side... Νταντέλιον was always a loyal friend.
Before you read on, sit down, for something terrible has happened. Alvin has disappeared. I am convinced his magical talents are responsible. He may be near a river or lake, since when he lived with me he used to sneak out to the Dike. Please find him, wherever he is! I know you have grown to like the boy as much as I have. In truth, the three of us are almost a family and I know that when things settle down, you too will come to terms with... your feelings. You would make a fine father for Alvin. Have I mentioned that I worry about you? It's because I you love, and I believe you me just as much and that all will end happily. There, I've said it, though I didn't want to get sentimental — I know you don't like that. What else can I write? Come home as soon as you can, my boys.

Hmmm ... a reply is probably in order.