Lycanthropy cure

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Lycanthropy cure
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A flask containing medicine capable of breaking the curse of lycanthropy.
Quest item

The Lycanthropy cure (or lycanthropy potion) is one of three possible cures for this terrible affliction. The other two candidates being a shirt woven using five leaves of fool's parsley, or true love. This potion can only be brewed by an experienced alchemist. Now who does Γκέραλτ know who is a master alchemist?

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

It seems that the captain of the guard, Vincent Meis is a werewolf and his beloved, Carmen, desperately wants to cure him. Γκέραλτ finds her at the landing in Chapter III where she is preparing to cross the swamp to find the druids hoping they can cure her lover. The witcher quite rightly points out that the swamp is far too dangerous for her and sets off to speak to the Druids on her behalf.

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  • A vital component of this potion is a virgin's tear. There is more than one way to obtain a virgin's tear in Vizima, technically there are nine different sources of the tears.
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