People of Murky Waters

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a peasant woman

The people of Θολά Νερά are easy-going, the future wedding of Julian and Alina, the mayor's daughter, raising the spirits.

Notable townsfolk[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

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"I felt dizzy almost constantly in the idyllic settings of Θολά Νερά. Love is in the air and, like the scent of flowers warmed by the sun, it distracts me. The people here seem to feel the same."

Random Encounters[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

  • A peasant woman asks Γκέραλτ for perfume.
  • A peasant woman is concerned for a family member who suffered a garkain attack and now suffers from poison. Γκέραλτ helps her identify the poison. The conversation will result in the bestiary entry along with any associated ingredient entries he does not have yet.
  • One old peasant woman in the village (or near the inn) will give Γκέραλτ entries for alps, bruxae and their alchemies in exchange for "something to eat".
  • Another old peasant woman will give Γκέραλτ entries for verbena, hop umbels, and finally bryonia in exchange for "something sweet".
  • A not so old-looking old peasant woman around the village will mention that Νταντέλιον wanted her to tell Γκέραλτ about local herbs. She will give entries for ginatia, honeysuckle, and berbercane. She may not appear in the village until the Daily Bread quest is complete.
  • A peasant normally found at the Inn tells about cemetaurs which unlocks the bestiary entry and their alchemies in the journal.
  • A peasant around the village or in the inn who will mention how the noonwraiths keep them from working in the Fields. The conversation will unlock the bestiary entry and associated alchemies in the journal.
  • An old peasant man around the village or in the inn also mentions terrible dreams about nightwraiths, but that conversation will not result in a bestiary entry for these monsters.
  • An old peasant that sometimes seems to be arguing about food with another peasant will give you a whetstone.
  • An old peasant woman will ask for a splendid frock for her daughter's wedding. Present her with a shawl and she'll give you the recipe for Λευκού Μελιού.
  • An old peasant man might give you information about the Vodyanoi.

Notes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

  • It might be possible that the random encounter with the peasant woman who sleeps with Γκέραλτ in exchange for the sugardoll will not happen. To get the sugardoll, give some Λευκού Μελιού to the baker. This happened to me after completing almost every quest of Chapter IV, maybe due to the choice of following the Lady of the Lake path in the Ripples quest? A save from the beginning of Chapter IV worked fine in several tests, both the encounter in the Inn where Νταντέλιον is playing and the encounter in the village almost immediately happen. But later on, there seems to be no way. (The Witcher — EE)
  • After completing the Ripples and Heat of the Day quests and initiating the dialogue option "I think I'm needed in Murky Waters..." during conversation with the Lady of the Lake, almost all of the villagers of Θολά Νερά are no longer available for conversation as the elves have taken over the village and all the doors are locked, including the Εθνικό Πανδοχείο. The Blacksmith and Pat are the only villagers that remain.
  • The sexual encounter with the elven sorceress seems to be working either way, also after having sex with the peasant woman. Giving food (wyvern steak) to her automatically makes this happen.

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