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Potion bases, or hard liquor, are strong alcohol which is necessary in order to brew potions of any kind. Only alcohol which can be used as a potion base is included in this list. For other kinds of alcohol found in the game, see Αλκοολούχα ποτά.

  • All potion bases are strong alcohol. They are divided by quality, with different qualities allowing a different number of ingredients to be combined to make a single potion:
    • Standard quality allows up to 3 ingredients.
    • High quality allows up to 4 ingredients.
    • Top quality allows up to 5 ingredients.

Top quality bases[]

Image Name Description Buy Sell
Alcohest A very pure distillate with a touch of μαγεία. 50 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Azoth A very pure distillate used in advanced alchemy. 50 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Mandrake cordial
Mandrake cordial Distilled from Mandrake roots. 50 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Wormwood spirit
Wormwood spirit A hallucinogenic vodka. 50 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Wyvern blood spirit
Wyvern blood spirit Spirit distilled by druids. 50 oren(s) 10 oren(s)
Potion White Gull.png
White Gull The best potion base, and actually a product of any lower quality base on this page plus some other alchemical ingredients. n /a n /a

High quality bases[]

Image Name Description Buy Sell
Cherry cordial spirit
Cherry Spirit Cordial Cherry cordial valued by connoisseurs of strong liqueurs. 30oren(s) 6oren(s)
Dwarven spirit
Dwarven spirit Mahakaman spirit. 30oren(s) 6oren(s)
Plum cordial
Plum Cordial The specialty of Temerian housewives. 30oren(s) 6oren(s)
Temerian spirit
Temerian spirit The favourite beverage of Viziman city guards. 30oren(s) 6oren(s)
Zerrikanian spirit
Zerrikanian spirit Spirit often referred to as "dragon blood". 30oren(s) 6oren(s)

Standard bases[]

Image Name Description Buy Sell
Local pepper vodka
Local pepper vodka Throat-burning pepper vodka. 20oren(s) 4oren(s)
Nilfgaardian Lemon
Nilfgaardian Lemon A vodka popular in the Αυτοκρατορία του Nilfgaard. In the North it is used to toast the defeat of the Black Ones. 20oren(s) 4oren(s)
Redanian Herbal
Redanian Herbal A red vodka, called "stern" in honor of King Radovid the Stern. 20oren(s) 4oren(s)
Soldier's hooch
Soldier's hooch A crudely distilled alcoholic beverage distributed to soldiers before battle. 20oren(s) 4oren(s)
Temerian rye
Temerian Rye Drunkards call this rye vodka their daily bread. 20oren(s) 4oren(s)