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The work deals with the Nilfgaardian war, its causes and consequences. The content is probably a description of what transpired during the Μάχη του Brenna.


Recent History
"Field Marshal Coehoorn's strategy failed when his flanking maneuver was stopped by the heroic Viziman infantry led by Governor Bronibor, though they paid dearly for their heroism in blood. While the Vizimans resisted, Nilfgaard's left flank crumbled — some began to flee while others banded into small groups to defend themselves as they were surrounded. The same soon happened on the right, where the tenacity of the dwarves and mercenaries finally broke Nilfgaard's momentum. A loud cry of triumph rose on the battlefield as the hearts of the royal knights filled with new courage. Nilfgaardian spirits fell, the men's hands went limp, and our warriors began cutting them down.
And Field Marshal Menno Coehoorn realized that the battle was lost as he saw his men being killed and dispersed all around. His officers and knights came to him leading a fresh horse, urging him to flee, to save his life. But the Nilfgaardian marshal's heart was fearless. "It wouldn't be right", he said, refusing the reins. "It wouldn't be right to run like a coward from the field on which, under my orders, so many good men have fallen for the emperor."

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