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Salamander brooch
Quest Items Salamander badge.png
Brooch adorned with a fiery lizard, symbol of the secret organization behind the attack on Kaer Morhen.
mainly a source of income
dead Salamandra
10 oren(s)

Can not be purchased!

These Salamandra brooches, also referred to as "badges" and not to be confused with the split Salamander brooch which is a quest item, are amulets which are found on members of the Salamandra organization.

Depending on the order in which certain quests are completed, these can be sold to the messenger at the Hairy Bear, who will pay 10 oren(s) for each badge currently in Γκέραλτ's inventory and to Declan Leuvaarden, who requires three of them as proof that Γκέραλτ is indeed fighting Salamandra before he will reveal any information. He does pay handsomely for those three however: 600 oren(s) for the set.

Συνδεδεμένες αποστολές[]


  • When selling brooches to the messenger at the Hairy Bear, make sure that the three brooches you need for Leuvaarden are in storage and not in your inventory. The messenger buys everything you have without asking, so if you are not careful, you will have to find three more badges.
  • Once you've finished speaking with Leuvaarden, the messenger disappears.