Sorceresses and Sorcerers

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Sorceresses and Sorcerers
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Sorceresses and Sorcerers
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A book describing the most important sorcerers and their influence on politics.

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Sorceresses and Sorcerers
by Marcus Marcellinus
"The Brotherhood of Sorcerers ceased to exist after the revolt on Thanedd Island, when some of the mages were accused of serving Nilfgaard and were arrested or killed. All the important sorcerers were there for a meeting due to transpire on the following day. Neutral mages also perished during the fighting. Among them was Hen Gedymdeith, who remembered the beginnings of human colonization.
Soon after, Tissaia de Vries committed suicide. Her death marked the end of the Brotherhood and the advent of a new order.
After the revolt on Thanedd Island some of the surviving sorceresses grew in prominence. Philippa Eilhart consolidated her position at Redania's court, while the elf Francesca Findabair, queen of the Valley of Flowers, expanded her involvement in human affairs. Triss Merigold, a younger sorceress representing Foltest's interests, also joined in shaping the new order."

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Γλωσσάριο: Lodge of Sorceresses

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