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"Strangers in the Night"
Places Haren Broggs crates.png
Haren Brogg
200 oren(s) + up to 4000 XP
Of Monsters and Men
The Monster of the Lake
The Salamander's Tail

Primary quest

Strangers in the Night is one of three quests in Chapter I which Γκέραλτ must complete in order to gain the trust of the Αιδεσιμότατου and proceed with his investigation of Salamandra.


The Αιδεσιμότατου has refused to help Γκέραλτ in his investigation of Salamandra unless the latter can prove that he can gain the trust of three prominent local citizens: Mikul, Odo and Haren Brogg. Not being one to give up easily on anything, the witcher sets out to do just that.

He goes to see Haren Brogg at his house in the small fishing village just outside the main cluster of houses in the Outskirts, opposite the old mill. It seems that the merchant has some problems at night with drowners ransacking his stock of wares which he stores on the riverbank just to the east. Γκέραλτ agrees to have a look, for 200 oren(s). Brogg seems grateful to have anyone have a look and agrees to the price.

That night, while checking things out, the witcher does indeed encounter a band of pesky drowners prowling around the various crates and boxes making up Haren's goods. He quickly dispatches them only to be surprised by a band of Scoia'tael. Their leader initially mistakes Γκέραλτ for a hawker. Upon realizing his mistake, he explains that he was expecting to meet Brogg there and buy some weapons and other supplies for his comrades; the cover of night being their only chance to come for the goods given the current social climate.

Spare the Squirrels: Γκέραλτ concedes that it can not be easy to get supplies and allows them to take what they need and be on their way. The elves pay Γκέραλτ 200 oren(s). or
Kill the Squirrels: Γκέραλτ takes exception to their insistence on taking the goods, after all, Haren never mentioned any Scoia'tael. He prevents them from taking the cargo and a fight ensues. The Squirrels are determined and fight to the last, but the witcher prevails.

He then goes back to Haren to report on his findings.


Eternal Fire signet ring

  • This quest requires either an Eternal Fire signet ring which can be obtained from the Αιδεσιμότατου, or from a beggar (old woman) who asks for White Gull to ease her dying grandson's suffering, or a bribe for Haren.
  • If Γκέραλτ chooses to kill the Scoia'tael who come for Haren Brogg's crates, then the option to ask Brogg about Zoltan's missing friend Hoog becomes available.
  • You can also use this opportunity to play dice with Haren if you have spoken to Zoltan about local players.
  • If Γκέραλτ chooses to kill the Scoia'tael, the dwarven blacksmith in Chapter II will not talk to him before Γκέραλτ completes one of the quests that triggers change in the blacksmith's attitude.
  • If Γκέραλτ chooses to sell Haren's goods to the Scoia'tael, the dwarven blacksmith in Chapter II will trade with him immediately.
  • While this quest is active, no drowners unrelated to it can spawn anywhere on the shore until it is completed (including Nadir).
  • If Γκέραλτ lets the elves have the crates, then in Chapter II, they will kill Coleman as soon as Γκέραλτ speaks to Raymond the detective, and you will not be able to complete the quest The Rat. To do both, just make sure to go to the Hairy Bear Inn and complete The Rat before talking to Raymond.



Haren has a problem: drowners attack the people who watch his goods at the riverbank at night. I promised to help him. I need to go to the riverbank after dusk and kill any drowners I find lurking by the crates of goods. I must kill the drowners that haunt the riverbank at night.


I slew several drowners. That should do for now. I'll make sure it's quiet and report to Haren for my reward. I killed all the drowners. I should see Haren. (500 XP)


Trade: I dealt with the drowners and then I sold Haren's goods to the elves. I must talk to him. I should see Haren. (200 oren(s) + 3500 XP) or
Fight: After I dealt with the drowners, I encountered a band of Scoia'tael. The elves wanted to take Haren's goods, but I refused to let them. I should inform Haren of my progress. I must talk to Haren. (3300 XP)

Haren's Trust[]

Apparently, the elves I met are Scoia'tael. Haren is trading with them — a rather risky business. He paid me for my services and it seems I gained his trust. That should help with the Salamandra issue. I succeeded in earning Haren's trust. (200 oren(s))