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"Suspect: Thaler"
People Thaler full.png
Συνοικία του Ναού
3000 XP
Vizima Confidential
Suspect: Kalkstein
Suspect: Leuvaarden
Suspect: Ramsmeat
Suspect: Vincent Meis
Suspect: Vivaldi
The Crown Witness
A Gravedigger's Gratitude

Secondary quest

Suspect: Thaler is a sub-quest of Vizima Confidential in Chapter II. It is part of Γκέραλτ's investigation into Salamandra.


Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

A number of things impact this little side quest. It can either be completed by proving all the suspects innocent at once, or by proving only Thaler's innocence. Whether or not Coleman gets killed certainly has a major impact. The autopsy that Γκέραλτ and Shani conduct on the crown witness also has an impact.

The quest can be initiated by speaking to the Mysterious man at night, outside Thaler's place. It is also initiated if Γκέραλτ talks to Jethro and asks where the witcher's silver sword came from.

If Γκέραλτ finds Raymond's body before having proven Thaler's innocence or guilt, the discovery serves to clear everyone currently under suspicion, including Thaler. The autopsy is another way to prove Thaler's innocence as there is no way to implicate him in the course of that examination. Of course, if the witcher encounters the mysterious man who hangs out by Thaler's place at night, then simply mentioning that encounter to the fence clears him of suspicion in the murder of the crown witness. Regardless of the autopsy results, attending Shani's party and talking to her after it clears Thaler of suspicion, as Shani reveals his status as the head of Temerian intelligence.


  • Thaler is not the only way to get a pass to the cemetery, Vincent Meis can also give you a pass.
  • This suspect quest can start quite late or not at all, depending on when and if you find Raymond's body.
  • Extra XP: There are 300 XP available for finding the correct conversation path with Thaler. Each one appears necessary to advance the quest:
    • Let me draw you a picture... (100 XP)
    • A lot of shadowy people hang around here. (100 XP)
    • So you say. (100 XP)



The evidence suggests there is some sort of connection between Thaler and Azar Javed. I'll talk to the fence and try to learn more. I should speak with Thaler about his dealings with the Salamander.

Lack of Evidence[]

I decided to give Thaler the benefit of the doubt for now. If he is guilty, evidence should surface soon enough. I will reopen the case if I find new evidence.

Guilty / Innocent[]

Accuse Thaler: Thaler is working with Azar — I'm certain of it now. I need to speak to him. Thaler is guilty. I should pressure him. or
Clear Thaler: The evidence suggests Thaler is innocent. I should speak with him. I'll tell Thaler I have proof of his innocence. (500 XP)

Guilty / Innocent[]

Killed Ramsmeat: With Raymond's help I managed to eliminate Ramsmeat and figure out Καλκσταιν. That closes the case. After all, Thaler was not involved in all this. (500 XP) or
Found Raymond's body: I told Thaler that the evidence I gathered proves him innocent. I earned his gratitude. I'm now convinced the fence is not working for Azar. (1000 XP) or
Accused Thaler: I forced Thaler to face the evidence of his connections with Salamandra. Unfortunately, I can't do much as long as he is protected by the city watch. I have to find another way of reaching Azar. (1500 XP) or
Cleared Thaler: I told Thaler that the evidence I gathered proves him innocent. I earned his gratitude. I have gained an influential ally and a piece of information about Azar. (2500 XP)
Significant plot details end here.