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"Suspect: Vincent Meis"
People Vincent full.png
Συνοικία του Ναού
4500 XP
Vizima Confidential
Suspect: Kalkstein
Suspect: Leuvaarden
Suspect: Ramsmeat
Suspect: Thaler
Suspect: Vivaldi

Secondary quest

Suspect: Vincent Meis is a sub-quest of Vizima Confidential in Chapter II. It is part of Γκέραλτ's investigation into Salamandra.


This quest is initiated near the end of The Beast of the Sewers when Γκέραλτ realizes that Vincent was one of the few people who knew he was in the sewers. It seems very strange that the Salamandra thugs knew exactly where to find the witcher at that moment.

Finding Coleman on the Vizima dike after clearing the haunted house for him and speaking with the fisstech dealer is all that is required to clear Vincent Meis of suspicion of working with Salamandra. However, this is only necessary if Γκέραλτ is overly suspicious when talking to Vincent after killing the Salamandra in the warehouse. If Γκέραλτ accepts Vincent's explanations, he concludes Vincent is innocent completely without the help of Coleman.


  • If you are stuck and can't clear Vincent's name, despite having the evidence, try talking to the guard by the door near Vincent about Salamanders. Doing so will reset your "Let's talk about Salamander..." dialogue option with Vincent, allowing you to claim him innocent.
  • Extra XP: There are 400 XP available for finding 4 clues to Vincent's innocence. These clues are also starting conditions for the quest:
    • Salamandra awaited me in the sewers. They knew I went down there to fight the cockatrice. I need to find out how they knew. (100 XP)
    • The guards have clammed up. Mentioning Salamandra has become a taboo. (100 XP)
    • Best to speak with the captain during the day. He's hard to find at night. (100 XP)
    • The Professor escaped at the last instant. Someone paid a lot to arrange that. The transfer came through the Vivaldis' dwarven bank. Really clean work. (100 XP)



I suspect the captain of the city guards, Vincent Meis, might be working for Azar. I will try to wring the truth out of him. I have to talk to Vincent about Salamandra.


Vincent isn't exactly the talkative type, but he did mention "checking out various warehouses at midnight" and not being paid for it. Interesting. Perhaps I should visit a few warehouses in the slum district at midnight. Perhaps it's worth checking what can possibly go on in a warehouse in the slums district at midnight?


I have eliminated the Salamanders. It's time to have a serious talk with Vincent. I should have a serious talk with Vincent.

Bits and Pieces[]

I won't get anywhere without evidence. Vincent claims he keeps an eye on the Salamander, but that may [be] just a cover for working with them. I will gather more information and confront Vincent when the time is right. I need more evidence. (1000 XP)

Guilty / Innocent[]

Accuse Vincent: I'm certain now that Vincent Meis is in collusion with Azar. I need to speak to the captain. Vincent is guilty. I should pressure him. or
Clear Vincent: The evidence suggests Vincent is innocent. I should speak with him. I'll tell Vincent I've found proof of his innocence. (500 XP)

Guilty / Innocent[]

Killed Ramsmeat: With Raymond's help I managed to eliminate Ramsmeat and I figured out Καλκσταιν. That closes the case. After all, Vincent Meis was not involved in all this. (1000 XP)
Found Raymond's body: I told Vincent that the evidence I gathered proves him innocent. I earned his gratitude. I'm now convinced Vincent Meis is not working for Azar. (1500 XP)
Accused Vincent: I presented Vincent with the evidence against him. I cannot fight the entire guard, but what goes around, comes around. I'll get him one day. Meanwhile, I must find another way to get to the Salamander. I need to find another way of reaching Azar. (2000 XP) or
Cleared Vincent: It turned out that Vincent and I have a common cause. He gave me interesting information about Azar. Vincent appreciated the results of my investigation and told me some interesting things about Azar. (3000 XP)