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The Aftermath of the War
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The Aftermath of the War
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A work discussing the political situation after the war with Nilfgaard.


The Aftermath of the War
Jurga of Maribor
It should be stated clearly and plainly: the order created after the war with Nilfgaard is no order. It is a mess. Kings still tremble before the might of the Black Ones, Nilfgaard still threatens the North. Sorceresses and spies work from the shadows, pulling puppet strings. Monsters roam the roads, while soldiers do what they want and oppress simple folk. A mess, I say.
Amongst all the dangers, two are especially significant. The first comes from the nonhumans, who have assimilated only superficially. Nilfgaard has given the elves hope for a rebirth, it has placed swords in their hands and a slogan on their lips. We will know no peace while nonhumans walk the earth. The second resides in new religious movements. Only a few years ago the cult of Η αιώνια φωτιά was laughed at: how can one worship fire? Some mocked it, saying: "Maybe we should start worshiping mud or the winds?" They now bow their heads before the might of the Order and demonstrate themselves to be zealous neophytes.
Fundamentalism has always drawn strength from hypocrisy and ignorance. Never before in history, however, has there been so much on which to draw.
What then can an ordinary man do in such turbulent times? Maintain his integrity and decency — that's what.

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  • This book can be purchased from the fence in Παλιά Βίζιμα.
  • It is possible that this book adds other entries to the Journal (but I may have already had those).