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The Flower and the Flame
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The Flower and the Flame
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A work devoted to the Order of the Flaming Rose — its history, its dogmas, and the figure of its Grand Master, Jacques de Aldersberg.


The Flower and the Flame
by Knight Eric Vogel, with the consent of his Superiors
"It was at the time when the Order of the White Rose was falling into decay and declining in power.
Masters and knights were equally corrupt, lacking in faith; they preferred a warm bed to fighting, street girls to prayer.
Rudolf Valaris ceded the title of grand master to Jacques de Aldersberg, a man of great piety and righteousness. It is said that during the conclave, a white rose in his hand burst into flames and pious fear seized those present. Jacques had a clear vision of necessary reforms and did not hesitate to put them into effect. He changed the name of the order, which is now known as the Order of the Flaming Rose.
Above all, he set the knights a new goal — to serve and protect humans from creatures of darkness and monsters, a category he expanded to include those known as the Scoia'tael."

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Γλωσσάριο: Order of the Flaming Rose


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