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"The Rat"
Places Haunted house.png
The Hairy Bear
600 oren(s) + 2500 XP
A Most Uncommon Wine
Strangers in the Night
Hot Potato
Suspect: Vincent Meis

Secondary quest

The Rat is an optional quest in Chapter II which Γκέραλτ can undertake for Coleman. It involves clearing some ghosts out of a house for the dealer.


Γκέραλτ meets Coleman at The Hairy Bear, in the back room. When he asks if Coleman has any work for a witcher, the latter admits that he does (only if Γκέραλτ has updated Suspect: Vincent Meis quest to the part where he needs to visit the warehouse at midnight, otherwise he will not offer the quest). He needs a house cleared of ghosts which are wreaking havoc inside. The witcher accepts and promptly heads over to the address supplied by the dealer. Once inside, he is greeted by two wraiths. He quickly dispatches them and returns for his reward.


  • This quest can be "piggy-backed" with A Most Uncommon Wine as the fabled drink is in the cellar of the same house. The wine is guarded by four (possibly five) graveirs, so it is a good idea to prepare before descending the staircase.
  • If Γκέραλτ allows the Scoia'tael to take the weapons from Haren Brogg's shipment in Strangers in the Night, they use those weapons to kill Coleman. If you want to complete this quest despite having done that, simply delay visiting the Detective until you have completed the quest and received your reward.
  • If you do not want to turn Coleman in, you tell the innkeeper that you found Coleman and then that you lost track of him. This completes phases 5 and 6 below. You can still finish these last two phases of the quest in Chapter III, though Coleman and Ramsmeat do not seem to appear in the act.
  • If Γκέραλτ has not already cleared Vincent Meis of the suspicion of being an agent of Azar Javed, following this quest to its conclusion will provide the evidence needed. However, this requires either having helped Siegfried in the sewers or bribing the guards at the gate to the Dike.



A Ghost Story[]

I promised Coleman I would check out the so-called "haunted house". I need to go there and see if there is some kind of threat and eliminate it if necessary. I must go to the haunted house and see if there is any real threat. If yes, then I should eliminate it.


Amazing. Those really were ghosts. Well, time to go back and see Coleman about my money for the job. It's time to go back and see Coleman for the payment. (500 XP)

The Dike[]

Coleman is nowhere to be found. Luckily, the bartender told me Coleman can often be seen on the Dike and simultaneously warned me not to do business with him. I'm supposed to come back later, the innkeeper wants to know what Coleman's up to. I must go to the Dike and see Coleman.


I met Coleman on the bridge. It turns out he's Vincent's rat. That's a very useful piece of information... I need to go to the innkeeper who will be very glad to pay for the denunciation. But do I really want to expose Coleman? (100 oren(s) + 500 XP)


Coleman's case solved. Coleman's case solved. (1500 XP)

Denunciation / A Secret Kept[]

Not so nice path: Coleman won't snitch on anyone anymore. I gave him away to the innkeeper, who in turn works for Ramsmeat. (500 oren(s)), or
Nice guy path: Coleman's secret is safe with me. Vincent should appreciate it.